Show Rates Explained

Entertainment fees vary show to show and are often negotiable depending upon a variety of factors. We've outlined some of the key factors below, ranked in order of importance. starting from $250.00 to a $1000 Bringing out Christmas Santa show ,$650 for 45 minuets of Mr.Animation activities for Family birthday events. School assemblies-Performing for K-12 $250 30min, High Schools events for $375 45min, College universities range from $475 30min to $500 and hour. Buskers shows ranges form a $1000 and up depends on locations. WHAT HE DO...Mr.Animation is a “hilarious”entertainer, a one-man variety show intermixed with music,hip hop,comedy, mask props transformation,robot mime,facial expressions, high energy, clowning and using audience participation. Mr.Animation has been a professional entertainer for over 20 years. He has performed all around the world from venice beach to japan,Australia,and through out the US.played on the tonite Show with Jay Leno. Mr.Animation 5 to 30 minuets stage show sketch and price fee is listed all above! I like to perform at your venue! Please take a look at my promo package I can perform on stages or be a great strolling act and can provide my easy handy walking sound system if needed My show structure from the beginning to the ending of 5 min show or the 25-min show. i will interact with audience through out my performance. using props and mask that will play the part to my body language and music what makes each skit works well.the intro starts off with the Hulk or the Original Dancing Obama into the Kids show then i do the Double Header Mime Mask then very funny Batman skit next the Micheal Jackson Tribute dance show is my finally and of course i do talk and interact with the crowds participation to keep them Hype. I'm always open if you have other suggest that will work well for your event. And i can add other skits if needed such as the Dancing Obama my latest America's Got Talent Routines etc.I hope this gives you a ideal of how i perform. Payments Agreement! I would like to ask what is the best you can do budget wise for my performance? I do 1-to-5 shows a day! Thank you! Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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